Friday, April 16, 2010


when i first watched the film "when the night comes", i was blown away. and i continue to be blown away each time i watch it again. (i've lost count of how many times that has been.) if you don't know what i'm talking about, please please please go check out the website, or at least read this old post where i mentioned the film screening here in nashville.

one thing that the film really hit me with was the reality of how much we are affected by the circumstance of our location. we are lucky enough to have been born and raised in a country where malaria is not a threat. that is something we had no control over, just as our brothers and sisters in africa have no control over the fact that they were born in a place of constant fear... fear of a tiny bug, the mosquito.

i remember this time last year, some friends and i were getting ready to travel to oklahoma. one friend was particularly concerned about the spread of h1n1 at the time. she was certain that she would catch it from someone else while we were there, or that she would catch it before hand and not be able to make the trip.

h1n1 was considered a pandemic in america, and was all over the news. but look at these statistics:

this... is just sad. i believe this is what happens when we live in the mindset where our community is what we know and see around us. but the reality is, we live in a global community. those fighting malaria half-way around the world are our brothers and sisters, and we count on them for resources. we need to stand up and fight and take action.

so how can you help?

it's simple.

just click this button and sign your name on the petition. once 2,500 names are added to the petition, 2,500 bed nets will be donated, for free, to families in africa. we have the power to save 10,000 lives. all by simply clicking a button and typing our name.

join me, will you?

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