Tuesday, April 20, 2010

it's official, y'all.

i grew up in michigan, where we referred to our carbonated beverages as pop. twenty years later, i moved away to college in anderson, indiana. there i found myself surrounded by people who mostly called it soda, and somewhere during those four years, i found myself converting from pop to soda.

you may have noticed that i occasionally write the word y'all. but i've never said it, or if i have, it's been a joke. until saturday night. that's right friends, i've lived in nashville for almost four years now, and as i was going through the wendy's drive-thru with some friends, i said to them, "i'll just put it on my card and y'all can pay me back. [pause.] i just said y'all. [pause.] i just said y'all."

it's true.

and i'm not ashamed, there's no reason to be.

but then it got me thinking. about how when we immerse ourselves in our surroundings, our culture, and our community, they begin to rub off on us. sometimes it's something as simple as dialect, and sometimes it's as big as visions, passions, beliefs, hopes, and dreams.

and since that night, i've been thinking of all the ways i've been changed by my community. some changes have been good, some not so much. and that's okay. and i also have been wondering how i've been changing my community. it's pretty eye-opening to think about, and all i can do is hope and pray that i am using my gifts to have the most positive influence i can on those who surround me.


  1. I don't know how you're doing in Nashville, but just reading your blog you're a huge positive influence for me in St. Louis. :)

  2. I started saying pop when I lived in NC...and I only say pop occasionally! My family gives me crap for it :]