Friday, April 9, 2010

it's always been there

[first of all i would like to thank jen for giving me permission to step away from my billing spreadsheet (the job that pays the bills) in order to blog while the spark is lit. and no, jen really doesn't have the authority, since we don't even work for the same company. but i'm running with it.]

it's been there all along. something i've been wanting for and praying for and trying to get. it's been there. i just didn't see it, because it's not what i thought it looked like.

and that's okay.

because he knows what he has given me, and he knows why he has given it to me, and for how long i will have it. all that matters is that it's there, and that i can finally recognize it as such.

so yes, again i might be vague as to what specifically i'm talking about, and i think that's okay too. because maybe it's something else for you, and maybe naming my thing would hinder you from finding something you've been looking for. i don't know.

but it's there. it's always been there.

just like the romance i prayed for last month.

(and sometimes it takes the strangest things to open our eyes.)

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