Thursday, December 1, 2005

Failed Attempts

First failed attempt: the all nighter did not happen. I did get some stuff done, but at 3 am I decided to stop. I wasn't really exhausted at that point in time, but still. I realized I could sleep and get stuff done during day time instead of the other way around.

Second failed attempt: society, media. Last night (or this morning) when I did go to bed I turned on the T.V., because I like to fall asleep to noise. I flipped channels for something sleepworthy (like music videos or something) and paused when I saw a commercial singing "Silent Night" that had pictures of babies sleeping. It was so beautiful. It ended up being a commercial for Pampers. The end of the commercial was just a black screen that said "Peace on Earth". So why a failed attempt? Because the very next commercial was one for America's Army video game.. a video game based on the U.S. Army, where the commercial shows screenshots of the game with soldiers choosing their weapons and killing people.

On that note...

Sleep in heavenly peace.

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