Friday, December 16, 2005

Home for the Holidays

Ahhhh.... Christmas break. If Stacy is reading this right now she's probably thinking "Wait, I thought you left already." Well, kinda. I packed up my car and left the apartment a little after 9. I told Sara I would pick her up around 10 (from on campus). But I had to pay Tri-S and drop off some tupperware to Janet (my co-worker) and while I was there I said bye to the babies. Then Sara called and said she needed to wait until after 10 to make sure everyone was checked out (she's an RA). So yeah... I also had to give Beth her coffee grinder back (she works in the library) so then I decided to come in the lab and look up some directions.

I know how to get home. That's not what the directions are for.

My mom thinks I'm coming home tomorrow. She works at an elementary school (a small K-8 with like 80 students) and she keeps asking me to come visit. So I'm gonna show up at the school unannounced.

Yay for surprises.

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