Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Break Part II

So on Monday I didn't go shopping. But I stayed home and made the sugar cookies. Then when my mom got home from work, my grandma came over for dinner and then the three of us decorated the cookies.

Yesterday I went to my mom's school to visit. The kids all come from bad homes, like half their parents are in prison. One boy told my mom "my dad is in prison for attempted murder. But he didn't acutally kill anyone, it's just attempted."

When I went a kindergartener asked me if I drove with donut tires on my car. I didn't even know what a donut tire was when I was that young.

Anyway, then I went shopping and got a lot of stuff done. And came home and read a lot of the above book, which I've been reading for my independant study.

I finished the book this morning. Didn't like it so much. The first couple chapters were not challenging at all. Basically she was saying that a woman after God's own heart needs to spend time in prayer and reading the Bible. And I thought to myself, "well, yeah." So then I kept reading hoping it would get better. She wrote four chapters on how our husband needs to be our number one priority. Then four chapters on how our children are our second priority. Then four chapters on how our home is our third priority. Two chapters on our own spiritual growth (outside of Bible and prayer) as 4th. And ministry as the 5th priority, and others as 6th.

She was very redundant throughout. And while I agree that our priorities should be God, our husband, and then our children, I don't think it needed to be to the extent that she said. She even said at one point that if a friend in need calls and your husband is home, to tell the friend to reschedule for a time when your husband is not at home. I think that your husband can be home and you can be on the phone with a friend, and still have your husband be your priority.

It was definately written for wives and mothers, and so it was hard to read it as a single child-less college student.

And I think she put way too much emphasis on "making the house a home." While that is important, I don't think she put into consideration that not every woman is wired in a way that they can stay home all day, or that different women have different spiritual gifts and different personality styles.

So yeah.. those are my thoughts on that book.

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