Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Break Part I

So... I did not end up surprising my mom at the school. The girl Sara had to check out took like an hour to get her stuff packed up. Then, because the roads were kind of bad I went a different way home than normal and missed a turn. So it took forever to get home and by the time I got here my mom was home from school. But I still surprised her by being home a day early.

So Friday night my mom had a Christmas party to go to and I just stayed home and did some laundry and watched T.V. It was relaxing.

Saturday we took the train to Chicago to see my brother and the Christmas decorations and to do some shopping. I did not buy anything, but my mom picked up a gift for John (my brother). Fun times. We got home around midnight.

Yesterday my mom and I made three types of Christmas cookies: Church Windows (if you don't know what these are, you're missing out. It's mini colored marshmallows rolled up in melted chocolate chips and coconut shavings. Very yum.) Corn Flake Wreaths (basically rice krispie treats, but with cornflakes and green food coloring, and wreath-shaped). And Gingerbread Men. I think they turned out really cute - we haven't made them in years. I might take a picture. Sorry, no gum drop buttons.

Later in the day Krista and I went to Steak-n-Shake for dinner, then we went back to her house and watched Spiderman.

Today - so far I ate breakfast and made sugar cookie dough. But it has to chill. So I'm about to get ready for the day (shower, etc) and do some shopping for my grandparents.

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