Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Break Part III

So the rest of Wednesday was a lot of fun.

Background: I met Libby when we were three; we met because our brothers were in the same Kindergarten class. Our moms met (Sue is Libby's mom). Anyway... Sue and my mom are still really good friends and Libby and I are still friends. So Wednesday night we had our annual Christmas get together. Libby pointed out the fact that we used to go to Bob Evans for dinner. This year we went to Tosi's - for those not in the St.Joe area, it's a super nice Italian restaraunt in town, where the cheapest entree is $18. So yeah, that was a lot of fun. I bought Libby some Alliance World Coffee (Costa Rican) for her, and some coffee mugs. She got me a yummy apple cider candle and Willy Wonka. (So yay r'neighbor now we can watch it whenever!)

Then today I almost finished the second book for my reading course. I have two chapters left.

And I talked to Christy on AIM a lot.

And I played on the 'net, went to some fun sites, googled some names. I think the best, for all you AU students out there, is to put Spencer Spaulding in quotes, and then click "I'm feeling lucky"

Then Krista and her sister and I watched Fantastic 4. It was kinda dumb, but still entertaining.

And Brittany (her sister) gets the quote of the day. There was some holly leaves on the blanket I was using and she said, "Hey Holly. What's on that blanket? Holly like whoa." and then she cracked herself up, which is what made it so funny.

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