Wednesday, November 30, 2005

All nighters and the never empty coffee pot

"I have boogers in my nose, whoo hoo boogers, boogers, boogers." I just sang that out loud.

So yeah.. I think that November 30 is pretty dang good to be the first all nighter of the semester.

It's fun though... because I just got the caffeine kick from my first cup of coffee, and Jen's pulling an all nighter too.

And it's fun because Stacy started PMSing today and so she's very angry about things. Like her printer just ran out of ink so she is complaining that she'll have to wake up early to go print it off on campus before her class, when really that would only take 5 extra minutes. And her class isn't until 10. Now she just walked back into the living room with an evil look in her face and said, "do you guys have any change? I have a penny. It's a lucky penny, but it's not enough." But she said it with such HATRED!!! Now she just left saying, "I gotta look for that dime..."

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