Tuesday, November 8, 2005

It's been awhile since a "real" update. Right now I'm taking a break from laundering (clothes, not money) and putting away already clean clothes that, sadly enough, I've been procrastinating since basically September. Hmm.. yeah. Ha. Anyway, I had a good weekend with my mom and grandma, and this coming weekend I get to see Libby and Sue. Sue. So weird. Okay, lemme explain. When I was three I became best friends with Libby. We've grown apart since then in that we aren't best friends anymore, but we are still friends and we still get together once in awhile, and her mom (Sue) and my mom are really good friends. So for the past almost 20 years I've known these two people, and in the past almost 20 years I've always, ALWAYS called Sue by Mrs. Templeton. But this summer at a mutual friends' wedding (Heather!) she and my mom decided that we were old enough to call them Sue and Vickie (meaning Libby calls my mom Vickie. I still call her mom). What a weird transition.

It's funny how there are those little things that make you realize: oh yeah, I'm a grown up.

And then I try to think about people my age from my perspective when I was a child. I thought they were SO OLD!

Here's a story that my mom told me this weekend... she works at an elementary school, and there's a 6-year-old there named Jasmine. Here's their conversation:

Jasmine: How come you never got married?
Mom: I did! And I have two kids, but they're grown up. My son is 25 and my daughter is 22.
Jasmine: Wow! She must be old and wrinkly like you!

The funny part is that my mom isn't wrinkly yet haha but yeah... ahhh childhood.

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