Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Break, Part I

Last night was amazing. Went to the church with Rae, Ray, Erin, and Tim and started two journals. Saved Rae from disaster when she ran out of gas. Took crazy pictures with Christy. Crocheted while watching Along Came Polly with Christy. Went to bed at 2:30am.

This morning my cell phone woke me up when someone called me. It was Sara Spitters at 9:45 am telling me she was ready whenever I was. Apparently I forgot to turn my alarm clock on last night. So I looked out the window (as she told me to) and I was amazed by the fact that basically I was inside a snowglobe. It was beautiful. So I threw my stuff together and we went to Starbucks and headed home! Christmas music the whole way! It was amazing. Sara is amazing. Apparently she thinks some guy named Jonah is amazing. I think he thinks she's amazing too.

So then I came here and my mom and I had dinner and I crocheted some more. And then Krista and her grandma knitted while I sewed the book for B4F and then crocheted and we watched In America. Such a good movie.

Home. I agree with Nathan Parliament again. Is it fair for me to call St. Joe home? It feels like home when I'm here, at least to some degree. The house feels like home (though there have been drastic changes in wall color to one room and a new couch when I don't remember not having the old). Nathan said in the past 52 weeks he's been "home" for maybe 4 or 5 of them. I thought about it. I came home for Thanksgiving last year (5 days maybe), Christmas break (minus Jamaica was about 10 days), the weekend of my birthday (3 days), Easter (4 days), Mother's Day (3 days), a wedding (2 days), and fall break (1 day). 28 days. 4 weeks. The length of February.


I forgot how loud the trains are here.

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