Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tuesday talk: homecoming 2010

this past weekend was homecoming weekend at anderson university. after just recently coming out of 90+ degree weather here in nashville, i really enjoyed the rainy 50's in indiana.

i was pleasantly surprised at the number of old friends i was able to see over the weekend. and i was able to attend my old church (which i've been lucky to do several times this year). it's funny how, recognizing only a handful of faces, i can still feel right at home. and a lot has changed over the past six years.

SIX years. that's when the church (the mercy house) started. the first time i attended church there was the second week it existed. which was exactly six years prior to this past weekend. and then that following summer i was one of several interns. our primary focus was on the new building we had acquired, and how we could use that building to strengthen community - both amongst ourselves and with our literal neighbors in the area.

five years since that internship, it's happening. it's amazing to see all the ways the church has grown there and the creative ways they are reaching out to their community.

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