Friday, October 15, 2010

friday photos: week 2

i forgot to take a picture on friday 10.8.10, but i'm getting better at remembering :)

saturday, 10.9.10

todd carey, seth philpott, & nathan angelo at 3rd & lindsley.

sunday, 10.10.10

despite the 86* weather, it's definitely autumn which means pumpkin granola! (stay tuned for the recipe, coming on monday)

monday, 10.11.10

my roommate stole my phone and put a password on it. i had to sing "kumbaya" (with emotion) before she told me what it was.

tuesday, 10.12.10

gracie reached this milestone on my way home from work on the 65 north ramp off 440 west.

wednesday, 10.13.10

taken earlier in the year at radnor lake, this was edited using new apps i downloaded today.

thursday, 10.14.10

this silly photo and horrible photoshoping is brought to you by boredom at hotel indigo while waiting for our friends to play a writer's round. we were playing with the cinnamon, and my roommate sent me a text saying, "oh my gosh where's lumier and cogsworth? i can't believe it's real!"

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