Friday, October 29, 2010

friday photos: week 4

friday, october 22

i passed this tree while going for a walk to meet up with some friends to head to a happy hour party. i couldn't resist taking a picture.

saturday, october 23

a fall saturday night in nashville = wine, fire, and music.

sunday, october 24
our friend dan works at a flower shop and brought these over to our house, just because. (i think they were leftover from a wedding.) they're so pretty and fall-y and match our dining room perfectly with its red walls.

tuesday, october 26

the wind was so crazy on tuesday. see that picture frame on the floor near my bed? that's where it was when i got home from work. it used to be on top of the radiator next to the window.

wednesday, october 27

i spent all of wednesday on set of the blue like jazz movie as an extra. we weren't allowed to take pictures, so i took this real fast as i was leaving. i know. it's an exciting picture and you can totally tell it's a movie set.

thursday, october 28

my friend regan played a show at the darkroom in edgehill village. this was her first show in months. she's pretty great.

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