Friday, October 8, 2010

friday photos: week 1

last week i mentioned that i'm trying to start taking at least one picture, every day, for a year. well, i already forgot two days, but that's okay. here's what i have from this past week:

friday 10.1.10

friday after work i traveled up to indiana to attend my college homecoming. one of my favorite parts of the drive up north is the massive amount of rock face in kentucky. as a kid (living in michigan), we often traveled south for vacation. i remember fighting to have the backseat with my brother - the backseat was easier to nap in. i remember at one point i wised up and realized if i got the backseat first, i could nap through the corn and soybean fields of indiana, and then be awake in the middle seats for the pretty rocky hills of kentucky.

saturday 10.2.10

saturday was homecoming. this is the on-campus coffee shop. i basically lived here my senior year, and it was in this room i decided to move to nashville. many haikus were written here, as well as crosswords completed, and i consumed many free lattes courtesy of my good friend sara.

sunday 10.3.10

this is the mercy house, which i blogged about tuesday. they meet in an old elementary school building. and that's my friend matt speaking.

tuesday 10.5.10

i joined some friends at fido for some coffee and journal-making. a simple moment. those are my favorites.

thursday 10.7.10

my roommates, karissa lacour and stacy lantz, sang some songs while i sold journals at the hillsboro village art walk. thanks to cori at social graces for the opportunity!

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