Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Okay so two thoughts on Indiana right now.

#1 - Way to go! Today it's official - a smoking ban. Yay for not having to hack up a lung when I go out to eat. I haven't researched it much so I don't know if it's EVERY where or not but I'm hoping this includes the Jazz Kitchen.

#2 - Some guy who owns an oil company paid over $121 MILLION to advertise and have the naming rights for the new Colts stadium. Now, first of all, there's no good reason why all of the tax dollars should have been spent on the new stadium in the first place. But now this guy spending that much to have it named after his company? And supposedly he grew up poor... you'd think someone who grew up poor would want to help others who are growing up poor - or at least would have a better way of spending that. To quote Brian, "That's 121,905,092 (or whatever the exact number was) people he could of fed for like a month in Africa."

On AU specifically

#3 - Today in the Andersonian (school paper) there was an article on chapel. The campus pastor was quoted saying something along the lines of them trying to get chapel speakers with whom we (the institution) have similar beliefs.

Because how dare our thoughts get challenged.

that's all for today

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