Friday, March 24, 2006

I wish there were words.

Words to describe the memories and feelings and emotions. I've been so caught up in being done with school - forever - without realizing that it means I'll be done with school - forever. No more classes and no more papers and no more quizes or exams or presentations, no more grades, no more GPA. Those are all freeing for me.

But this community. And I don't mean specifically AU or even Anderson, IN or even The Mercy House. Those things are just the settings for what has been these four years. All the friends I've made... there are so many kinds of friends. The kind you just talk to in class or when passing, "facebook friends", the people you set up times to meet because your lives are so busy. The friends that you just talk to on AIM or through xanga. The friends you live with or wish you lived with or might as well be living with.

Stacy and I have talked about this a lot - how here at school our friendships are almost predetermined. By our majors. By what dorm or apartment we live in. Now - there are connections. I might be friends with someone whom I never lived near or had any classes with - but only because we have a mutual friend. Like... someone on my floor had a class with so and so and now we're friends sort of thing.

And Tri-S. Meeting people on your way to a foreign country is great.

But what about after graduation?

Your apartment.

Your job.

Is that all?

Everything I could possibly need (not necessarily want) is within 5 minutes walking distance. A pool. A gym. A coffee shop. A cafeteria. A post office. A bank. My job. My classes. My apartment. My friends..... my friends.

This is a long rant but... as sick of school as I am.... these four years... the hundreds of people I've met.

I know this is a typical senior post - everyone goes through the stage of "I'm going to miss my friends from school" and they all move on and keep up with the good relationships and make more friends wherever they end up. But this is my time. My time for the realization to hit me.

It's inevitable.

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