Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Simple Pleasures

So far today:

#1 - On my German test it asked the question (in German) "What was the greatest day of your life?" and I answered (in German) "Today is the greatest day of my life, because we have an exam. I like exams. (Just kidding)."

#2 - Making Sara choose my coffee beverage. First I made her choose a fruit. Then I made her choose vanilla, white chocolate, regular chocolate, or a complementary fruit. The result? Raspberry-Vanilla latte. Quite good.

#3 - Having 15 emails in my inobx. Half of them were from Bound 4 Freedom people, discussing what makes a journal a "manly" journal (because most turn out girly - because most makers are girls). The results? Cardboard and duct tape.

This list made me realize - it's been awhile since I've added a carpe semesto. That's sad. Wait, I have one...

Carpe Semesto #22 - Krista and her fiance, James, randomly came to visit Sunday night and Monday. It resulted in...

Carpe Semesto #23 - You'd have to see it to believe it (meaning when I get home this afternoon I'll post pictures).

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