Sunday, March 26, 2006

Friday night was probably the most random night of my life. And I've had random nights.

Holly (not me dumb-butt) brought some friends home from school for the weekend. When I got home I went to the Chocolate Cafe to meet them. We were just sitting there on the couch which happens to face the large window (basically two whole walls of the corner store are window) and so we're watching this group of high schoolers. They're just sitting there being high schoolers and suddenly a guy our age goes wheeling buy on a unicycle.

Not only that, while riding said unicycle he is playing a didgeridoo.

Now that's not something you see everyday. So then a while later he comes into the store - he left a book at the table we were sitting at. We find out his name is John and then he offers to teach Holly's friend how to ride the unicycle.

So now we're downtown St. Joe (for those unfamiliar this is not a big place nor a place where strange things happen typically) and Holly and John are helping Danielle ride a unicycle. Then Holly has a turn. Keep in mind it's about 30 degrees outside and we're just hanging out. Then we just start talking and we take turns playing the didgeridoo - which when WE play sounds like a "dying elephant farting" according to John. It's supposed to play a low E - and that's all.

So after getting weird looks from people passing by you'd think the night would end.

Oh but no!

John asks "hey have you ever had your leg put through the floor?"


So Danielle and I both did it. You lie down on the ground (on your back) - and then he lifts up a leg as far as you can stand and holds it for about a minute. Then he pushes it up a little bit more and holds it longer. Then he slowly lowers your leg and it feels like your legs are even but really they're not so then it feels like one leg is going lower than the ground. It's weird.

Then I have to go to the bathroom. The only place in St. Joe open past 11 are bars... even though it's a Friday night. So John and I are the only ones over 21 but we all run into a bar anyway so I can go. Then we leave and we're hanging out outside the bar. We decide to turn Holly's car on and have a sing along to "Come Thou Fount"

Next thing I know John's teaching us all to waltz.

Then we see a very, very, very, very low shooting star.

Huh. Yeah I think that's about it.

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