Sunday, April 2, 2006

I am participating in Living Poverty.

For this week I can only spend $2 a day.

I've already noticed how much money I spend a day - it just never seems like it. For example, I'm on campus so there's no monthly rent check or utility bill, but I'm technically spending money every day on water and rent and electricity, etc. Or if I grab something out of the fridge or pantry and eat or drink it - that's money spent even though I'm not putting a dollar into the fridge door.

I wonder exactly how much I normally spend a day if I were able to calculate those things, as well as things like toothpaste, gas, etc.

In other news, Indiana finally made a good choice - DST. A lot of people here think it's stupid but that's just their ignorance speaking. DST is the best thing that has ever happened to Indiana.

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