Sunday, April 9, 2006

I'm out of date on these things...

Carpe Semesto #25 - We had the best possible last spring break ever (it was on our list that's in our hallway)

Carpe Semesto #26 - All my randomness from that one weekend home that I xanga'd about awhile ago (the digeridoo)

Carpe Semesto #27 - Game night @ Chad's. This involved the guys hanging out in the kitchen cooking and the girls gather'd round one of the Final Four games. It also involved someone driving to Muncie just so we could play Balderdash.

Carpe Semesto #28 - After four years Stacy and are each FINALLY the proud owners of the famous gold-ish Marketplace plastic cups.

Carpe Semesto #29 - I attended Cheap Thrills for the very last time as a student. We all know it's not the same when you're not a student, since there tends to be campus-related jokes. High point of Cheap Thrills: Titanic in two minutes. Low point of Cheap Thrills: The horrible, offensive "Save Rush" joke which was not funny at all and caused me to have less respect for Dativus (not that I had a lot to begin with).

So the CS moments haven't been as frequent as I had hoped and there is definately not enough time left in the semester to do all things I wanted to do. However, I will make these last 26 - yes, 26 - days the best possible. And there are several CS moments in the planning.

Things open to the public: Game Night - TBA, Chipotle trip - TBA, and possibly hittin' up The Vogue. Interested? Lemme know. Also, if you have any great ideas to end this era with a bang, please, spread the love!

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