Sunday, July 3, 2005

Okay so Friday night went a little different than planned (what's new there?) Instead of sardines we ended up spending $40 on Fireworks and setting them off in the church parking lot. Then came home and Stacy and I sat on the bed outside until 1:30 or 2 having girl talk... it was fun, and beautiful night.

Saturday was LONG! We all headed over to the church at 11 for our work day. I helped scrubbed clean all the walls in what is officially our church office and moved the desk in. Then I helped trim the hedges so you can see when you pull out of the parking lot. I don't remember what else I did... a few things here and there, but everything that was accomplished: cleaning out all the upstairs rooms (they had junk in them and LOTS of dust) and vaccumed, shampooed the carpet in the future nursery, washed walls and vaccumed and set up the office, started sanding the floor in the soon to be coffee lounge, swept the gym, I think there were other things too. And then we set up for the cookout we had for the neighborhood from 5-7... quite a few people came, maybe 35, mostly kids but some parents too. They're all very nice and some of the ladies are really funny.

Then Leslie and I visted Kurt at Starbucks and then stalked some people. Then we went back to the church and put away the stuff from the cookout... got home around 9:15, showered, and then Stacy and I watched Uptown Girls in the basement (where our beds are).

Church was good this morning, followed by a great dinner at Roadhouse.

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