Thursday, July 7, 2005

I've been updating a lot lately. Anyway, London won Host City for the 2012 Olympics - yay! When I was there EVERYWHERE you looked was an ad for you to "back the bid" - so as soon as I got home, I got online and backed the bid. Haha London is amazing....... speaking of London-

Ellie you need to update
Sarah we need to put the past behind us... the past couple reunions have been good
Mel you can't leave Anderson
Megs you have to come back to Anderson

**Edit - I just found out about the bombings. That's sad. I'm glad Ellie's not there anymore other wise I would have been worried.**

Anyway -- last night I talked to Stacy H on the phone - yay for my roomie! And last night Stacy L and I had a late night girl talk again - this time inside, on the couch. It was good. Yay for my... housie?

Thoughts lately - I recently watched Bruce Almighty (for the 4th time this summer, each time with different people) and you know how he gets angry because he feels like God is giving all these good things to everyone but him? I'm kinda feeling that lately. I'm not at all angry with God about it, because I know that His timing is perfect, but it's hard watching everyone else. Two main parts - relationships, and visions. (This is what Stacy L and I talked about last night)

Relationships - Stacy has a little crush on someone... Leslie does too (not the same guy)... Meagan has a little somethin' somethin' goin' on with a guy... Jen Brooks visited and while she was here she went on a date... Francis (neighbor) went on a couple dates this weekend... two girl interns have official boyfriends... a guy intern has a "we're talking" girl... two guy interns have official girlfriends... two guys I know are talking about proposing... a third just did...

Basically Stacy and I are just kinda like "My turn!" (we've both never had a relationship)... moving on...

Vision - So many people are getting these great visions of either a job, side job, ministry, etc. But not Stacy and I... no idea what I want to do after graduation. I know I don't need to start anything right away, but if I did, I only have 10 months to figure it out. Meagan makes amazing journals and is going to start selling them. Hunt is going to do an internship at MAC and then be a pastor. Jonah and Sara have this amazing idea of "The Front Porch" (go to Jonah's xanga and read a few entries back... June 30 I think - I LOVE this one!!!). Erin Sprunger has amazing ideas for Africa, and several other people want to go in on it with her. MY TURN GOD!!

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