Tuesday, June 1, 2010

so many thoughts, so little time.

well. it's the beginning of a new month, and with that, it's the beginning of a new chapter of my life as well.

i spent my memorial day weekend moving. i'm still in nashville, and i'm still in the same general neighborhood, but it was a sort of last-minute move. 14 months ago when i moved into that house, i had no idea i'd be leaving so soon, and i was so excited to be there. the details of why i'm moving are a bit on the lengthy side, so i'll spare you. but know this: it's a good move.

i couldn't be more excited to be in my new home. as of tonight, i am finally done with all the unpacking and making it a home. i moved in with two of my good friends (and there's a 3rd roommate, but she's new too), one of which (stacy) i have known for five years. we have lived together twice before, so i know we'll be good roommates for each other.

the funny thing about this move? this is where i lived when i first came to nashville four years ago; stacy let me sleep on my air mattress in her bedroom for my first month here. and my very first night? (well, my very first night minus the two nights my mom and i stayed in a hotel.) my very first night was in the room i now occupy. it's just one of those cool full circle moments.

i'm really excited for what this next chapter holds. i will still be me, but it's amazing how much of an effect one's home environment has. this will be a good one, i'm sure.

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