Wednesday, June 23, 2010


this month i have been focusing on bringing balance into my life. this means that there are several changes taking place. balancing my budget, my diet, my time, and my friendships. this is something that for me, has been long, long overdue. and it feels good to be making these changes. some are small, some more drastic. the next few blog posts will dive into each of these areas a bit deeper.

change is good. john 15:1-2 comes to mind.

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  1. Ah, balance... the "b word" as my friends have taken to calling it. It's a recurring theme in my life. I've been on a balancing quest since October 2009 when I was told that I was at a breaking point by some one who knew me for all of 5 minutes. Your blog is always thought provoking, I look forward to the next few.