Monday, May 17, 2010

5000 tweets, 450+ days, and what it all means.

well. i just reached my 5000th tweet. and some things cannot be summarized in 140 characters.

that's right, 5000 tweets in 456 days. that averages to 10.78 tweets a day, and that doesn't include those i have deleted. or my journal twitter account. yes, i realize i maaaaay be a little obsessed with twitter. but what i have i learned over the past 16 months?

-music. i have discovered many of my new favorite musicians thanks to twitter. just by following people and looking at who they follow or who they tweet about. to name a few: andrew ripp, jake ousley, rob blackledge, seth philpott. (p.s., jake's ep, times like these was just released on itunes last week. $6. seriously.) not only did i discover artists, i also have attended a lot of concerts over the past year+, and many of those were thanks to twitter - i wouldn't have known about them otherwise. and for free! i've won tickets to a mocha club event, tin pan south, dave barnes, and will hoge.

-friends. twitter has helped me to stay in touch with, and even make, friends. crazy, but true. though i guess that's the original idea behind "social networking" anyway.

-news. twitter has been my main source of news, especially since i've been cable-less. it's how i learned there was a car bomb while i was in times square, my friends and i paid close attention to nashvillest's tweets for news on the nashville flood as we traveled back into town, etc.

i think i'll end this post with some of my "favorited" tweets. first, the funny:

@donmilleris: Table next to me: Like, I don't know, cause like, he's like, you know. So like, I don't know. -Yeah, like, that makes sense. It's like, um..

@davebarnesmusic: i "love" the confusion that quotation "marks" do to a "sentence". I should "use" them more to "throw" "people" off my "scent" more often "."
@davebarnesmusic: For example - watch and learn. Will "you" meet me "today" at "Red Lobster" so i can "borrow" your "His"tory book? "Thanks!" (Confused yet?
@davebarnesmusic: Now, imagine the person who typed that is a large badly tanned barely mustached man named Toe-Nee. Gets more interesting, doesn't it?

the thought-provoking:

@LucasBoto: Leaving a vision undone often feels safer than following thru & risking failure. I think the best life decisions are tough sometimes.

@bobgoff: I want a noteworthy life. A life so engaged that I would find myself leaning forward and taking notes, while looking for evidence of Jesus.

@erwinmcmanus: ...You can protect your dreams by never attempting to make them a reality. To achieve your dreams you must be willing to lose them- to risk.

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  1. Holly,

    I'm glad you found me too, and via twitter, thats crazy. I'm playing next week at 12th and Porter on Wednesday night, you should come by. Oh, and my wife Emily says she knows you... from the Brave, haha small world. Hope we run into each other soon.