Friday, May 7, 2010

buses, music, bombs, and floodwaters (part 2)

yesterday i blogged about a crazy bus experience while in new york city last week. so, one may wonder (though most of you probably already know), what was i doing in new york city?

well, my friends and i might be crazy, but we drove (a 13-hour trip one-way) to new york for a week to attend a week-long concert series.

you see, thirteen years ago, we all fell in love with a little orange cd: hanson's middle of nowhere. there are probably three groups of people reading this blog right now:

group a is thinking: i freaking love hanson!
group b is thinking: holly, we know you love hanson
group c is thinking: hanson? those mmmbop boys?

the following paragraph is for those of you in the group c section. and maybe some of you in group b.

over the past thirteen years, hanson has continued to put out music. on june 8th, they will be releasing their 5th full-length studio album, shout it out. (over the course of the 13-years they have also released a christmas album, two live albums, and several EP's.)

so, in preparation for the release of shout it out, the guys decided to play a special concert series called "five of five". for five nights in a row, they played each album in full. (middle of nowhere on monday, this time around on tuesday, etc.) on friday they performed all the songs on shout it out and let me just say - i'm excited for the album.

but the other nights were incredible. in no way do i think hanson have the best voices, or the best lyrics, or the best instrumental skills. but they will always be the band that taught me to first love music. and to quote taylor, "the first music you really fall in love with is more than just music. it's something that clicks in you, beyond the song, it's a message or image that causes you to jump in and not let go." and that is what hanson will always be to me. so hearing the songs that i have loved for almost half my life was an experience i will never forget.

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