Tuesday, August 2, 2011

tuesday tunes: stacy lantz

so if you know me or have read any of my previous blog posts, you have probably heard me mention my lovely, extremely talented roommate, stacy lantz. i have had the privileged of knowing her for six years now, and have enjoyed watching her grow both as a woman and as a musician. one year ago today our little group of friends celebrated the release of her first album, "patchwork plains". i posted about it here when it went up on itunes last year.

well, because stacy is such a kind-hearted generous lady, she is putting "patchwork plains" up on noisetrade where you can get it for free. and who says no to free things? crazy people, that's who. don't be a crazy person. nobody likes a crazy person.

also, feel free to leave stacy a generous tip. after all, she deserves it. and she's currently car-less (although most definitely not care-less) and could use a set of wheels to get around town, or maybe get to your town for a show. so be kind, rewind. wait, what?

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