Friday, August 12, 2011

friday photos: 2011.32

friday, august 5

an excellent redbox decision.

saturday, august 6

i love lamp.

sunday, august 7

happy birthday, roommate.

monday, august 8

roommate killing it at 12th & porter.

tuesday, august 9

7th read book of 2011 (slightly behind my goal of at least 1 book per month)

wednesday, august 10

roommate's birthday flowers.

thursday, august 11

"now i'll go anywhere i want/i've got ten bucks in my pocket/i'll do anything i want
i've got ten bucks/yeah i still got ten bucks/ten for the lonely street
ten for the friends i'll meet/ten for the love that will shine tomorrow/i still got ten bucks" -"ten bucks", everybody else

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