Tuesday, August 16, 2011

obsessing over the right things

it seems we live in a world of complainers, debbie-downers, glass-half-empty kind of people. and the thing about these people is they are contagious. after all, misery loves company.

i can easily get caught up in this, and i do far too often. as a means to reverse this trend, i posted a list of things i was thankful for yesterday. and i want to continue.

today i am thankful for friends who feel comfortable enough around me to be themselves. a dear, dear friend shared something with me which she has never told anyone before... and that means more to me then i could ever begin to say in words. today i'm thankful for my dentist (that's for you, jen). for the ability i have to get my teeth cleaned twice a year. something so simple that so many others could never dream of. i'm thankful for cooler temperatures once again, for a working car to get me to the office, for a job that pays my bills, a place to come to at the end of the day which i can call home, the ability to put my feet up on the table, and crack open a good book (and a good bottle of wine doesn't hurt either), and the ability to write in a run-on sentence because this is "merica" and no one is grading my blog. don't tell me what i can't do.

i think it's time we all start obsessing over the good things, no matter how small.

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