Monday, August 1, 2011

traveler's rest

i just returned from a much-needed vacation, where i spent about 28 hours in a car, about 20 of which i spent in solitude. i have always felt a sense of freedom getting away from routine, with my favorite songs and the gently hum of the highway as the soundtrack. this long weekend was no exception.

i left town wednesday afternoon and drove 4.5 hours north to indianpolis where i visited with stacy g., my college roommate (not to be confused with stacy l., my current roommate whom i also lived with during college. confusing. yes. don't be.) anyway. immediately upon graduating college in 2006, stacy g. and i took a trip with the school to japan. while there, we frequently feasted on a dish called okonomiyaki. unfortunately, we have had much difficulty finding it in the states. but no more! a japanese steakhouse near stacy's home serves it, and i was pleased to revisit such a delicious experience.

the next day i drove 4 more hours to my home town of saint joseph, michigan. my mom and i did not let the rain stop us from attempting a trip to the beach, and as soon as we arrived the rain ceased.

friday afternoon my mom, my grandma and i drove 2 hours west to meet my brother and his girlfriend for dinner in their town, chicago. after dinner, it was 2 hours back east to michigan.

saturday morning i drove the 4 hours back south to indianapolis where i met back up with stacy and her husband, and we then drove 2 hours north to wabash to celebrate the marriage of angie and josiah. it was a festive day and one that truly reflected the personality and relationship of the happy couple. post-wedding we drove 2 hours south to indianapolis.

sunday morning i hit the road again: 1 hour north to anderson, my college town, to attend the mercy house. being part of that community before moving to nashville made a huge impact on my life and i can honestly say i'm a different person because of it. i briefly caught up with my friend matt before the service, and then after drove back down to indy for lunch, and finally the 4.5 hour drive south back to nashville.

pictures coming friday. stay tuned.

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