Wednesday, September 9, 2009


this might come as a surprise to some of you, but there's a nature girl inside of me. now don't get me wrong... i love living in the city, and at this time of my life there is no place i would rather be. and i hate bugs. hate. i'm shivering at the thought of them.

but anyway. i love nature. i like camping. i like hiking. (well, day-trails anyway. i've never attempted the "carry your tent on your back" kind of hiking.) i love having that big open space to just.... breath.. and to feel... significantly insignificant.

when i think of the peaceful moments in my life, i think of nature places. the precipice of chimney top in the smoky mountains. deep in the woods of warner camp. nighttime on the beach back home. driving through the vineyards of southwest michigan, or the cornfields of indiana. watching the sunset from the bluff of st. joe.

these are the places that speak to my heart. these are the places where i can go to get away from life, from the noise. the places where i can find the silence i mentioned yesterday.

and i've realized something. i don't have any of these places in nashville. i've lived her for three years now. i think it's about dang time i find space to breath. and i think i found it on accident a few months back...

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  1. does this mean you are moving? and what is this accidental place you speak of?