Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"it's already better"

last night i went to a meeting to hear about a trip some people from ellie's run took to africa this summer.

there was one particular story from the trip that stuck with me. there was a school which had the words "it's already better" written on the walls. i'm not sure why, but that really struck a chord with me.

it's already better.

they have hope. a hope that i will probably never experience for myself. a hope beyond measure.

it's already better.

i want to go to africa. i've had this desire for the past four years. i believe i will make it there someday, and i know when i do, my life will never be the same.

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  1. i had kind of the same experience when my friend came back from uganda. he told all of these amazing stories and i was so happy he was able to go, despite my jealousy because i desperately want to go there someday.

    but he took this picture of this boy standing outside his house and on his house was a sign his family made that said "we want peace not war"

    i have the picture now as the background on my phone and it always reminds me to just live everyday in peace and also to be greatful for everything in my life and that we need to do something to help these people, our brothers in a sense, that are living in this war they did not sign up for.