Friday, February 6, 2009

spring awakening

spring awakening is the name of a musical that i desperately want to see, specifically with kyle riabko starring in it. but that's not going to happen.

it's also how i felt today. i took the day off and spent it with some much needed fido time (fido = local coffee shop, book-in-hand). i finished my book ("traveling mercies" by anne lammott).

today is about 65 and the warmth and the breeze and the hint of spring remind me again that change is part of god's glorious design. driving around town with my sunroof open, i was feeling reminiscent of my childhood days spent with my friend libby, spinning in circles on the front lawn until we fell down, and then lying there feeling as the world kept spinning around us.

next i plan to tackle "velvet elvis" by rob bell. i have started it three times now. though i enjoy what i've read, i have not been able to get myself past the first section, as there is so much to digest.

i love dr. pepper.

i'm contemplating the move to blogspot. stay tuned.

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