Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's been a few crazy days.

church was great on sunday. while the main topic of the sermon was focused on what community means, there was a side-quote that really stuck out to me. this is not word-for-word, but basically it was that we often spend too much time asking god to fix our problems rather than worshiping him regardless of the circumstances.

so i thought about it sunday. i prayed about it. i began to wonder what this would look like in my daily life.

monday was gorgeous... 72 and sunny. i work from home on mondays, so i thought i'd head over to fido (local coffee shop) and grab a latte and work outside and enjoy the spring-like day. so i got ready, got in my car and headed down the interstate. and then my car decided not to keep going down the interstate. instead it decided to go only 20 mph. so i pulled over. i ended up having the car towed and looked at by my mechanic. her transmission was shot. so i panic. i hardly have any savings and everything in my checking account i need for all my normal bills. so i googled the price of getting a transmission fixed for a '93 toyota camry and i start seeing prices around $3000. i panic even more. and then i remember sunday. and i try my best to stop asking the "whys" and the "hows" and instead i worship. granted, i'm human and so i fail miserably at this, but i tried.

this morning robert (my mechanic) calls me. he found a transmission and he can fix my car for $700 total. this is easily less than half of what i was expecting to pay. it's still a major "ouch" number, especially in light of my current financial situation, but it's a lot lot lot better than i expected. i feel a huge sense of relief.

and then reality sets in. i'm reminded that $700 is still hardly doable for me and i begin to freak out again. and then i remember sunday. and i remember what he's already done for me. and i remember matthew 6:25-34 (a friend had recently mentioned it). and again, i do my best to not worry and instead to be thankful, to worship.

and then a friend informs me that she has $150 saved up for something she had planned, and those plans fell through, and she offered to lend me the money. and then my mom calls; my brother's car died on him too, he needs a whole new engine put in, and it'll cost $1200. my mom then tells me that my grandma is going to help both my brother and i get our cars fixed.

god is good, is he not?

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