Sunday, February 22, 2009

i'm 26 and i'm grown enough, 'cause i'm not better, but i won't give up

(blog entry title is another sk6ers lyric.)

so my 26th birthday was yesterday, and it was a good one. i slept in (aka woke up at 7:00), made myself an omelet (i'm becoming quite the expert in omelet-making), and just relaxed in the morning.

then around 12:30 kristin and i went to go look at a house for rent. i liked it, a lot. i'm hoping this works out, or if it doesn't, then whatever does work out needs to be even better haha. it wasn't anything to get too excited about, other than it's location. it's only a mile from the house where my friends stacy, erin, and regan live. also, it's only a mile and a half from fido. i would love to be able to walk to all those places once it starts to get nicer outside.

since i was so close, after looking at the house i went over to hang out with stacy. we just went to fido for some coffee, and rented a movie (henry poole was here - i highly recommend it). then we went to mafioza's, and then on to exit/in to see matthew perryman jones and griffin house.

but i'm old now, and getting home at 1:00am was really hard. and today is going to be harder. in about an hour i'm heading over to my friend breanna's house, and then we are hitting the road to knoxville for a ben folds concert. i'm very excited - i have never seen him live, but i've been loving him for many years now.

gotta run.

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