Friday, February 20, 2009

mechanics, money, munchies, and mochas. aka... dependence.

i still do not have my car. it has been thirteen days since the transmission died. i was frustrated with robert (my mechanic) for taking so long. until he called me on thursday. the transmission he had purchased for $350 didn't work. he said if he hadn't been so pissed, he would have called me earlier. he went to the place he bought it from and they refused to give him the money back, but finally was able to convince them to do so. he found another (much better) transmission elsewhere for $450. he is not charging me the extra $100. which brings me to...

it's been tight, but i'm learning through that. a little more on this later.

due to my lack of having a car at the moment, i have been getting rides from deanna the past two weeks. how have i been paying her? donuts. or doughnuts. or however you prefer to spell them. she's pregnant, what can i say? i call her at 6:00am, she answers groggily. "pick me up, i'll buy donuts," i say. "I'M UP I'M UP I'M UP!" she announces. donuts. who knew? but i've only needed rides three days a week, because two days a week i work from home.

working from home two days a week is great. i have been spending more and more time at fido on these two days, and i love it. but not having a car has left me missing their daily brews, pink poodles (raspberry mocha) and rolovers (caramel mocha). rolover is not spelled wrong although firefox tells me it is. it's rolo... as in the chocolate/caramel candy.

all this to say, i'm learning a lot about...

on people, cars, money, mechanics, and yes, even mochas. but mostly, on god.

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