Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cold Weather On The Horizon?

I'm looking forward to this weekend. It's supposed to drop all the way down to 92. And no I'm not being sarcastic when I say "drop all the way down". If it does get down to 92, it will be 12 degrees cooler than it was yesterday, and about 10 degrees cooler than it's been for about two weeks.

I have a feeling that 92 degrees will feel quite refreshing.

UPDATE - msn tells me it is currently 105 here, and that's before the heat index. that's the reading at the airport, which i happen to be across the street from right now (literally across the street from one of the runways).

other weather news from msn:

Today will be the 12th day with high temperatures of 99 degrees or more in Nashville. This is unprecedented in the record books.

Rainfall in Nashville so far this month has totaled 0.03 inches. The driest August ever was back in 1929 when only 0.51 inches fell.

Concerning the above, death seems to be all around me. I absolutely love fall, as I am sure you all know by now. But this is no fall. There has been no turning gorgeous reds and oranges. Just brown dead grass and brown dead leaves all over the ground. Even some of the "evergreen" trees aren't so green anymore. It's very sad.

But I have hope. Hope that God brings life to everything; that there is a cycle of seasons that is never ending. Relief is on it's way. There will be a fall and a winter and a spring and a summer and another fall for as long as this weary Earth lives.

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