Tuesday, January 18, 2011

why i'm like a lab rat.

sunday in church, randy told a story about some lab rats a friend of his told him a few years ago. the lab was getting shut down and they decided to let the rats free. they took the cage of rats out to an open field and opened the door and all of the rats just huddled in the back of the cage. the cage is all they had ever known and they were afraid of the freedom outside of the cage. he then went on to ask us to consider what our cages are. i identified my cages (fears of failure and lame excuses) awhile ago. the question i'm faced with now is this: what am i going to do about it? will i embrace the freedom i have been given, or will i continue to cower in my false sense of control?


  1. Hello there,
    I was just passing by finding blogs to read and stumbled upon yours. I'm very glad I did :)

    I agree with you, definitely. You mention in your past post that the 'scariest part of fear is getting rid of it etc'. I think that holds true for many people in the world, myself included.

    Recently I've found that for myself, it is indeed scary to live a life ruled by fear, but even scarier if you do nothing about it.

    Think of those lab rats; All they knew was their cage; they didn't know how good the soil could feel underneath their paws, or how soft the blades of grass might be against their tails-- they couldn't take the risk. But it's that risk we all need to take. We risk the comfortable for the unknown. We risk the fear, for the better.

    I'm sure you will embrace this opportunity to grow and be free. Just by questioning it, you're one step closer.
    Remember, it's your life in the end; No one is asking you to take remarkable leaps into the abyss. If you want to take baby steps, like taking the steps to tackle one smaller dream at a time, you can.