Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wednesday wisdom #10

"we are not what we were meant to be, and we know it. if, when passing a stranger on the street, we happen to meet eyes, we quickly avert our glance. cramped into the awkward community of an elevator, we search for something, anything to look at instead of each other. we sense that our real self is ruined, and we fear to be seen. but think for a moment about the million of tourists who visit ancient sites like the parthenon, the colosseum, and the pyramids. though ravaged by time, the elements, and vandals through the ages, these ruins still awe and inspire. though fallen, their glory cannot be fully extinguished. there is something at once sad and grand about them. and such we are. abused, neglected, vandalized, fallen - we are still fearful and wonderful. we are, as one theologian put it, "glorious ruins." but unlike those grand monuments, we who are christ's have been redeemed and are being renewed as paul said, "day by day." restored in the love of god."

- brent curtis/john eldredge

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