Thursday, October 1, 2009


hello october, you're my favorite. i was recently sitting outside on my porch swing, reading a book (st. augustine's confessions, if you must know) enjoying the gorgeous fall weather we're having here in nashville. i heard some girls talking over yonder, so i looked up and saw that it was my two dear friends, stacy and erin. i yelled at them and they came on up to my porch to take a break from jogging.

i hadn't seen them in awhile so we were chatting a bit, catching up, when stacy turned to me and said "you look peaceful."

that's not a word i think of very often when describing my emotions, but now that she brought it up, i would have to say i agree. i have felt very at peace over the past few days. weeks. dare i say months?

i don't think there is any particular reason for this, but i take joy in it, especially compared to last year. after all, around this time last year, i was ready to call it quits. on my job, on nashville, on everything. (well, not on life. it wasn't that bad.)

so, here's to you october. may you be another month full of peace. and not just peace, but excitement. i have a lot of cool things happening this month. stay tuned.

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