Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How can my God destroy a people group (Ex 20:23) and at the same time not want anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9)?

How can my God, a good and perfect God create a good and perfect world (the Garden, pre-fall) and look on it and say "it is good", but then (still before the fall) say "it is not good" (for man to be alone)?

My God has always embedded His reign in culture. He values culture. He is resistant to culture.

In everything of God, there is a both/and. He is both vengent and loving. He is both/and.... everything.

On one side of the spectrum there is order. On the other? Chaos. I need to live in the tension of the two.


What if my faith is a trampoline, not a wall? (Rob Bell - "Velvet Elvis") - What if instead of building a wall of faith that has doctrine as bricks, I have a trampoline of faith that has doctrine as springs? What if instead of defending my wall I invite others to play on my trampoline? What if instead of my bricks being questioned (resulting in them falling out, the wall crumbling), my springs are questioned (resulting in them pulling, flexing, bending, moving, growing)?

what if i live in the tension?

what if i find myself in the tension when i am in the empty spaces?

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