Monday, October 17, 2005

So I ended up getting ready a little earlier than anticipated, so I have time to update you on my fall break.

Thursday evening hung out with Stacy - "Rat Race" and Spiral Mac & Cheese

Friday morning - WalMart (work on car), Starbuck's (Java Chip Frapp)
Friday afternoon - Played with babies (worked 2-6). Baby story of the day: Kade loves me, it's true. He laughs at me whenever I hold him, and he smiles whenever I come to get him out of his crib.
Friday evening - Hung out with Stacy - "The Village" and Pepperoni/Green Pepper pizza (Dominoes)

Saturday morning - LEFT at 7:30 am, Starbuck's run (Carmel Latte and Blueberry Scone), drove 3 hours to Michigan City
Saturday afternoon - lunch at Red Lobster in M.C. w/ Stacy, mom, and grandma. Flounder, rice, house salad w/ rasp. vin. SHOPPING!!! At the outlet mall!

Shopping success story: Despite not finding a good pair of jeans (my main goal), it was still very successful. 60% off a trench coat (which I was wanting) from the Gap, 30% off two long sleeve T's from Casual Corner (one brown, one celery w/ a cool neckline), and 75%?? (originally $59, I paid $14.99) off sweater from Casual Corner, and 50% off bracelet from Aeropostle. Would have bought more, but didn't have the $ hahaha.

Saturday evening - drive to St. Joe, supreme pizza (Dominoes) w/ stacy and mom. Video store - previously viewed DVD's, $9.95 each - "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Mona Lisa Smile." - I had to decide amongst about 10 that I wanted. Chocolate Cafe w/ Stacy, Krista (wanted to update there, but RiceBunny didn't let me) - Missed Pishy. Home, "Eternal Sunshine", Krista and Stacy slept over.

Sunday morning - Mom's monkey bread.
Sunday afternoon - Chan's Garden w/ Stacy, mom, grandma - three hours driving back to AU, directly to Bath&Body Works where I worked until 1:30am.

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