Thursday, October 27, 2005

I just had a dream. My dream was that I was in Fair Commons in my apartment and the fire alarm went off (I wonder why hahaha.. for those who don't know it went off Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening) and I was sooo angry. I was yelling to Jen (she was the only other one in the apt) stuff like "not again I hate this stupid building" etc. So we run downstairs and we're all going outside - the whole building, everyone was there. Jen and I are the 1st two people out, and the next person out is Cassie. She asks me if I think she should tell Jill (our RD) what happened. I said I didn't know and asked her what happened. She said that her neighbhor knocked over her (Cassie's) candle and that it was a really fancy candle from her Grandma. (This would result in Cassie getting a fine for having a candle.) Then Jonah and Sara came (even though they don't live in F.C.) and Jen tells me that she just had a dream that they were solving crimes and that this was the "crime" they were solving. So we're all standing outside Fair Commons, except now we're all located at Warner Camp, only it doesn't look like Warner Camp (b/c that can happen in dreams) and someone runs up to us and says "there's a hurricane!" and we all just kind of stand there looking at them. And then she yells "get on the couches! Sit down! Heads up!" Which, if you're in a hurricane I don't think that helps at all but okay. So we sat down on couches and now I'm next to Stacy Lantz (she doesn't live in Fair either) and then someone comes around asking if we need water and we look out the window and it starts hailing and then I wake up.

So, I wake up at 5:15 all panic-y and can't go back to sleep b/c my adrenaline is rushing.

Now it's 5:45 and I'm still awake, though calmed down.

What is it about dreams that cause our body to react physically? What is it about dreams that are so close to reality? Like, when I woke up I had to lie there for awhile to make sure the fire alarm wasn't going off or anything.

I'm really tired but I still think that by the time I'd actually fall back to sleep I'd have to wake up again right away. Ugh.

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