Friday, April 24, 2009

let me just pause a moment...

to tell you all that i just walked the .5 miles to bongo java (coffee shop down the street from my house) where i am now enjoying a lovely iced mocha on their front porch. it's a beautiful 75 degrees right now, and even though the sun is so bright i can hardly see my screen, i refuse to go inside until i require an outlet.

life is good.

now back to the daily grind.... spreadsheets, contracts, and invoices, oh my!

edit: the morning was lovely. i later ventured over to deanna's home and we walked her dogs and baby over to bobbie's dairy dip and had corn dogs and ice cream. i am now getting ready to walk over to church for a pasta dinner/fundraiser for the group going to the ukraine this summer. i love, love, love that i now have the ability to walk places.

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