Friday, April 17, 2009

since the move (why i have not blogged)

3/28 - moved. happy birthday mom.
3/29 - unpacked.
3/30 - met australian hanson fans across the street, spent the evening with them, breanna, and lynne. unpacked.
3/31 - first night of tin pan south (songwriter's fest). visited three music venues.
4/1 - small group.
4/2 - dinner with friends, another night of tin pan south.
4/3 - another night of tin pan south, saw hanson, pictures on flickr and video on youtube.
4/4 - spent the day with pishy (high school friend) and her friends who were in town.
4/5 - unpacked.
4/6 - packed.
4/7 - flew to chicago, mom and gma picked me up, drove to wisconsin.
4/8 - visited wisconsin dells. drank beer. watched lost.
4/9 - visited beth in milwaukee. bought cheese. bought beer. drove to michigan.
4/10 - spent the day with mom at home. bought wine.
4/11 - spent the day with family in michigan.
4/12 - happy easter. he is risen indeed.
4/13 - train to chicago. plane to nashville. spent the evening with breanna, lynne, and aussies.
4/14 - went on a ghost tour of downtown with breanna, lynne, and aussies. aussie's last night to hang out before they headed back to the homeland.
4/15 - small group.
4/16 - went to dinner with breanna and lynne, then saw charity daw sing at the copper kettle.
4/17 - today. first day i've been home for more than 1 hour at a time, with the exception of sleeping and unpacking.

boring blog, i know.... but that's been my life in a nutshell. (cue austin powers: help, i'm in a nutshell! how do i fit in this thing?)

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