Monday, May 4, 2009

"you can hug him."

seeing as the title of my blog mentions letting go of landlords, i feel as though i should tell the story of meeting my current landlady. this meeting took place approximately 45 minutes ago.

her name is jenny and she lives in georgia. she came up with her son, alex, for the week to help us get some things fixed around the house and to get the yard ready for spring/summer.

she rang the doorbell and my roommate, whitney, answered the door. i came into the living room and introduced myself and offered a handshake. she grabbed my hand and pulled me into a tight bear hug. she introduced alex, and i shook his hand, to which she responded "you can hug him." alex, whitney and i each looked at each other and gave an awkward chuckle. i did not hug him.

she came into my bedroom (which used to be alex's room when he was a baby). she was telling us where the crib and changing table had been. alex looked at the ceiling fan because it needs to be fixed. she then interrupted him to inform whitney and i that we each had beautiful eyes. apparently mine are egyptian.

she wrote on our chalkboard (we have a chalkboard in the breakfast nook) that we need to visit her at the beach. she also informed as that we are lucky, as there is a bird's nest in the wisteria in the backyard.

what a very interesting, quirky, lovely lady.

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