Sunday, January 15, 2006

Carpe What?

Okay so I'm sure ALL of you have heard the prhase, "Carpe Diem" or "Seize the Day"

Well, I'm sure all of you AU-ers know of the phrase from last year "Carpe Momento" or "Seize the Moment."

For those non-AU-ers, it was the school's theme last year.

Anyway, the other night Stacy and I were talking about how we wanted to make sure we had a lot of fun this semester (yet still being studious) as it is our last college semester. Ever. And I don't remember what specific fun activity we were talking about, but Stacy said "Carpe Momento" and then I said no, "Carpe Semesto." (semester) It made Stacy laugh, so it stuck.

So friends, from now on I am going to Carpe Semesto. From this point on every time I update my xanga (or at least most times) I will include one thing that counts as my Carpe Semesto moment.

Here's to the last semester!

Carpe Semesto #1: Watching the last 2 minutes of the Colts/Steelers game with my roommate, but not using sound, and listening to the people across the hall scream and the guys upstairs stomp on the floor.

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