Sunday, January 29, 2006

Carpe Semesto #11 - Fondue Fun Night @ Jen's

Carpe Semesto #12 - Fiesta! CAB-sponsered event with Mexican food and salsa dancing

Carpe Semesto #13 - Shopping today for salsa/clubbin' clothes (two shrits and a tank top for me!)

Carpe Semesto #14 - IHOP (Stacy had never been)

Carpe Semesto #15 - The Translation Game. Okay so this is really fun if you're bored. Go to and write a paragraph in English. Then translate it into any language. Then copy and paste that and translate it back into English. It turns out all messed up. The best one so far.... I said something like this: "I really enjoyed our shopping and going to starbucks, and I'm happy with my purchases. I hope I am neither sick nor sleepy tomorrow because I really want to play water polo with Marco Polo's Sinking Porpoises. We have a game at ten thirty." I translated it into Russian and then back into English. Then I took that and translated it into German and back into English and got the following...

I had a support, shop go that today and in starling cheek, and I enjoy really my purchases. Do I hope, will be that tomorrow I sick, ????, because I really water? play wants??? with decreasing of pig whale???? ???? We have game in ten thirty.

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