Tuesday, August 16, 2005

So last night I realized that Friday I move in on campus... for the last time.

Oh yeah and since I'm updating this on my lunch break, I should add some quotes from the kids at work...

"Hey guess what! I have underwear on!" - Zane, age 3

My first day in the particular classroom... first thing I did was go up to two kids who were coloring. Here's the convo:

"Hi! What's your name?" - Me
"I'm Gracie." - Grace, age 4
"I'm Chandler. What's your name?" - Chandler, age 4
"Holly." - Me
"Are you our teacher?" - Chandler
"I am for today." - Me
"Are you coming back tomorrow?" - Chandler
"No.. I'm going to be in a different classroom tomorrow." - Me
"Oh. Well I hope you come back sometime." - Chandler

maybe that didn't sound so funny... but it made me laugh that he wanted be to come back 2 seconds after meeting me for the first time.

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